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  1. SIDE ARMOR (Poison Spyder 18-08-310)

    These liners install between your Poison Spyder JK Body Armor and the Jeep's body, protecting the factory paint from scuffs and scratches. They also provide a small measure of shock absorption from rock hits, and help to quiet down and squeeks and rattles that may develop over time between the Body Armor and the Jeep sheetmetal. Precision-cut from quality rubber sheeting.
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    284.00 AED

  2. BUMPER (Poison Spyder 19-65-010P1)

    Poison Spyder Customs JL Crawler Rear Bumper
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    3,190.00 AED

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  3. BUMPER (Poison Spyder 19-58-010DBP1)

    Poison Spyder Customs JL Crawler Front Bumper
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    3,275.00 AED

  4. SKID PLATE (Poison Spyder 19-58-030P1)

    Poison Spyder Customs JL Crawler Front Skid
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    1,401.00 AED

  5. TRAMP STAMP (Poison Spyder 19-04-012P1)

    Poison Spyder JL Tire Carrier
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    226.00 AED